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Who made TVfeeds?

Jason, Raef, Chris, Ben, Rusty, Tom, Jim, and Alex!

What is TVfeeds?

TVfeeds lets you share comments (called ‘Chatters’) and begin conversations about a show with any others who are watching it at the same time! You could say it is a new kind of a social network based on TV content. As the show progresses you write about what you’re watching and read and interact with what others have to say. Think of TVfeeds as your own massive lounge room full of people chatting about the show on your TV now – without all the noise or hassle!

As you can see this is a new, social and interactive way to experience television of any kind, whether a movie, the news, a sitcom, a cooking show, a show with hot girls and geeky guys, a car show, a documentary or a talk show – TVfeeds turns literally anything that’s on TV into something even more interesting - including re-runs of Hogan’s Heroes, Skippy, live darts or fishing competitions and the Ab Cruncher infomercial that keeps going…and going at three in the morning! (TVfeeds is great for insomniacs.)

You can chatter all you like with TVfeeds on your iPad, iphone or at Just visit the homepage, where you’ll see our unique visual TV guide, touch the show you’re interested in, hit the big red ‘Go to Chatters’ button and you’ll be taken to the Chatters page for that show.

Why make TVfeeds

Real time conversations about TV shows are going on already, and all of us who made TVfeeds were taking part in them. The problem was, none of us wanted to spam our followers on Twitter, and Facebook isn’t great for live TV talk either. We needed a central place to view and comment on shows, and so we thought about the best way to achieve that objective. And here we are now with TVfeeds!

We think we’ve got something that makes TV a lot more interactive and a lot more fun for everyone! And we hope you agree.